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What's New
First JavaScript Program

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 Free Tutorial - JavaScript Scientific Programming

This JavaScript programming tutorial will teach you to use JavaScript for technical calculations.  Using  your Notepad text editor and  the Internet Explorer browser, you will begin programming in minutes with no other skill required other than algebra.  My sample scripts enable students to start learning by modifying working programs. A simple text editor is all that you need to start writing your own programs. JavaScript uses uses the same math operators that are used everyday algebra. , I will have to teach some operators at the lesson start.  For minor change is that an asterisk ( *) is used in place of "X" to indicate multiplication.  

Math Operators: 
Operation            Symbol  

addition                  +
subtraction             -
This is the only symbol not used in algebra.   
division                   /

Use parenthesis for clarity: Write 1/x +1 as 1/(x+1) or 1 + (1/x) than you don't have to worry about how the computer interprets it or  the order of operations.


It is Your Computer, Learn to Program it:

About twenty years ago all you could do with a personnel computer was programming and a bit of word processing.  Now most people know how to use computers for almost anything but programming.  Yet it is easy to program your computer, and you don't need anything except notepad text editor and Microsoft Internet Explorer browser to do it.  These programs are usually installed as part of the Windows operating system.  The following lessons will teach you in few minutes how to program your computer simply by writing a few lines of code.  Actually, you can copy and past the script onto a notepad page, the first lessons simply teach you how to make the script (text) run as a program.  Three things tell your computer that the script is to be run as a program and not simply displayed as a text file,  they are the file extension (.html), html Tags, and the script Tags.  Click next page and learn how.

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