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The Energy Matrix

The energy matrix examines the full spectrum of future energy sources and associated problems.  It is meant to be a thought provoking publication for students who will be our future technocrats, engineers, and physicists.  We will include concepts such as solar, DG, CHP and concepts that are not practical today such as ice engines.  Send Comments to



Many Homes are already wired for a future portable Solar Collector. (2-24-08)

The panel at the right is used to interface a generator to a home electrical  system. The purpose of this article is to point out that future solar systems really don't require custom design, permits, or special meters for selling power back to utility. A portable modular system that has been inspected at the factory can simply be plugged into the switch box.  The switch box requires a permit and inspection as does any electrical home installation.  This article analyses the cost of a portable or modular solar systems for homes that have  already got legally installed and inspected switch boxes for portable generators.

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Natural Gas could be price competitive with coal.

Per DOE/EIA in fiscal year 2007 utilities coal cost was $1.80 per MMBtu and Natural Gas cost $7.50. per Million.

Natural Gas is ideal for cogeneration purposes.  Gas turbines convert about 33% of the million Btu's $7.50 worth of gas to electricity. About 10% (100,000 Btu) regrettably goes out the chimney. The remaining 57% of the energy can be used for hot water and heating at the building cogeneration site.  Thus, 90% of the million Btu's from natural gas is captured as either electricity or heat.  Coal is still a little cheaper than gas, but the coal has to be fluidized before it can be used in blast furnace.  Two thirds of coals energy is frequently dumped into a river from turbine condensers causing thermal river pollution.   


Feb.1 2008

Today, I took an Poll that asked how people felt about Exxon's record profits.  The results at the time that I took poll were: 

Good for them  11%

It bothers me 86%

Don't Care 3%

The results surprised me, because it was the people and their representatives, not Exxon or the Auto makers who created the perfect storm for the petroleum industry.
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Combined Heat & Power (CHP) 

DC Power Grid

District Cooling

Ethanol Viability

Hybrid Cars

Ice made with Coal

Ice Energy Density versus Battery

Heat Storage


Nuclear Energy

Solar Heat Storage in CO2

Solar Heat Storage in Water

Storing Carbon Dioxide

Stoves - Corn Burning

Stoves - Wood Pellet Burning

Stoves - Coal Burning

Tar Sand Oil


Yucca Mountain

Substituting Coal for Diesel

Compact Fluorescent Lights
















Many homes are already wired for a future Portable Solar Collector. (2-24-08)




Generator Interface that could be used to connect future portable or modular solar systems. The male plug shown on litter basket could be plugged into future solar panel system with battery storage, and an inverter AC output,  as easily it can be plugged into a generator.






















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