The Energy Matrix
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The Energy Matrix

The energy matrix examines the full spectrum of future energy sources and associated problems.  It is meant to be a thought provoking publication for students who will be our future technocrats, engineers, and physicists.  We will include concepts such as solar, DG, CHP and concepts that are not practical today such as ice engines.  Send Comments to



Battery Powered Cars

The hybrid car to the right is not a true electric battery driven car. All the Energy required for operation comes from gasoline. As viewed from the front, a six cylinder engine at left is inline with the electric traction motor at right.  When rapid acceleration is required, the traction motor works in tandem with the gasoline engine to give the car a quick response to sudden power requirements. The electric traction motor gets its power from the litium ion battery. The electric traction motor makes it possible for the gasoline engine to increase its power output in a gradual manner without sucking up a lot of gasoline.  The battery delivers up to 200 kilowatts.  Once the vehicle reaches a steady speed on a level road, the gasoline engine main-

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 Water Versus Battery
as an energy storage medium 

When researching electric cars, I was surprised that the energy density of ice (latent heat per kilogram) was greater than the energy stored in today's batteries. Though the weight of battery is not

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Combined Heat & Power (CHP) 

DC Power Grid

District Cooling

Ethanol Viability

Hybrid Cars

Ice made with Coal

Ice Energy Density versus Battery

Heat Storage


Nuclear Energy

Solar Heat Storage in CO2

Solar Heat Storage in Water

Storing Carbon Dioxide

Stoves - Corn Burning

Stoves - Wood Pellet Burning

Stoves - Coal Burning

Tar Sand Oil


Yucca Mountain

Substituting Coal for Diesel

Compact Fluorescent Lights



















Directly to the right of the six cylinder gasoline engine sits the electric traction motor.  The traction motor gets its power from a lithium ion battery. This hybrid car gets all its energy from gasoline.  The electric motor responds to peak power demands and changes in power demand.  The engine need not downshift and surge gasoline to provide acceleration.  When steady state engine operation is restored,  than the continuous variable gear ratio and fuel supply is adjusted for optimal gasoline engine operation. The gasoline engine also provides the power for recharging batteries.  Regenerative breaking also helps recharge batteries. 




During periods of peak acceleration 200 kW is drawn from battery by traction motor.  This Hybrid can operate for short periods in all electric mode at speeds under 26 miles per hour.














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