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 DC Circuits


To get quick overview of my tutorial go Radio Slide Show  and download Audio Version of Electronic Concepts and sit back and listen 40 minute lecture covering the analog portion of my WEB.  Read page 8 thru 13.  You can also use my Radio Slide Show  as quick way to survey many my Webs.  The best way is to open each numbered selection in a new Tab and then close Tabs that do not interest you.

This course appears to be nothing  more than links to circuit kits and other sites, because the circuit kits contain the virtual laboratory animations and simulations for this lab exercise.  I am the author of the labs and PDF manuals included in kits.  The theory book that you are reading or the links to other sites that you select determine the level of the electronics course you are taking.   Questions about the labs should be tweeted or emailed to me.  Theory questions are out of scope, I am a virtual laboratory teacher.  I was a field engineer with a degree in physics.  I taught electronic troubleshooting to technicians and aerospace system troubleshooting to engineers and technicians, but I spent most of my life troubleshooting electronic systems or writing operation and testing manuals for electronics equipment. 

1. Download latest version of Kit 3  and Perform all exercises. Right Click Here!  Open file in new Tab or Window!

2. If you find these problems above your level of study, than read all chapters from beginning thru AC circuits in  Basic Electronics  or Electronics Concepts.  Links to these books are in column at left.*

3. If you find these problems below your level of study  (too easy),  go to next lesson, AC circuits.

4. Otherwise proceed with this lesson.


Screenshot of one of the animations in Kit 3 Lite of my electronics course material.

Optional reading below.*

Read Chapter 2 thru 5 of Electronic Concepts




MP3 Lecture
Text Only Lecture

 Lecture References Below:                                          

Pearl Street Station DC Power Plant 

Energy Matrix

DC Eliminates Synchronous Inverter Problem

Read the Energy Matrix e-zine


Reading Assignment (Links) Below:*

  Site Linker 4 and 6.

 Site Linker 5 read Chapters 5

In Electronic Troubleshooting do all 5 series circuits.

More Circuit Troubleshooting Animations

More Links Below:







* For those who are learning electronics theory from a book, I recommend that you ignore all reading assignments and simply use my site as a laboratory. 


Screenshot of one of the animations in Kit 3 Lite of my electronics course material.


Screenshot of one of the animations in my electronics course material.


FREE: Click on Practical Electronic for Inventors  below and then click "Look Inside" and read pages 1-67 for free.  Then decide if you want to buy book.


Khan Academy  
Circuits part 2,3 and 4.


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