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This course is a Virtual Laboratory tutorial in electronics.  Over the last decade,  I have produced a set of free online circuit simulations and animations that constitute a interactive virtual laboratory for students studying electronics or preparing for an IT career .  My virtual interactive circuit troubleshooting exercises cover only a small sample of circuits covered in must texts or college courses. This selection of circuits ranges from simple resistive circuits thru advanced operational amplifiers, digital circuits and computers .   I believe that those who  master troubleshooting my narrow range of virtual circuits or systems will develop the skills necessary to troubleshoot a wide range of circuits and systems that they will be confronted with now and in the future.  I feel quite certain that someone who could not perform the majority of my virtual troubleshooting exercises would be in need of further training in order to become a competent electronics troubleshooter.  This person could benefit from my free virtual laboratory course. 

I provide a reading list for each topic that a student can use to learn the relevant subject matter.  This site and my virtual electronics kits test your electronics skill.  My digital simulations create screens of data in binary format that show the status of my virtual computer and many digital circuits.    





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Introduction to Information, Internet, and Computer Technology

Electronics is the foundation of computer, Internet and Information technology.  However, troubleshooting circuits with an oscilloscope and meter and then replacing a component such as a resistor or transistor is a shrinking field.  Viewing computer screens with configuration, status, and operational data often in binary format is a growing field. Repairing systems by replacing modules is frequently all that is required to repair the computer systems of today.  At present I have a few training topics or modules that prepare students for this new age of computer systems.  

Computer Technology



Teaches how to create JavaScript for use on one own PC.  Student is taught to create a HTML page using a simple text editor and to insert a simple JavaScript program on HTML page.  JavaScript supports all the math functions a High School student is likely to need.  This enables PC users in the world to create their own applications even with operating dating back to Windows 95!

Basic Computer Simulation

Here, I teach students to program a virtual microprocessor with a eight bit instruction set..  These microprocessors are not only still in use in older equipment, they are impeded in complex computer systems as dedicated subsystem controllers.    

Computer Interfacing

Use virtual system described above to input the status of switches and then output an eight bit (byte) that drives LED's.



Look Inside and read about topics Below!

PANs (Personal Area Networks) such as Bluetooth.
LAN (Local Area Network) such as WiFi or Ethernet
WAN (Wide Area Network such as Cable companies 
WWW (World Wide Web) and much more!





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