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Impeded Microprocessor

Eight bit microprocessor's are no longer used to power PC's or laptops or tablets for that matter.  However, they are still used in large computer systems to control subsystems; so that the main computer can monitor many subsystem in real time and still have time to make complex calculations and decisions.  I have created a virtual microprocessor to illustrate how they collect sensor data and set control data for machinery, robotic, or other systems operating in real time.



Microprocessor Demonstration 

I have created a small 8 bite virtual microprocessor to illustrate the power and speed of machine code.  Note that even though the data in each byte is displayed as decimal it represents 8 bits of binary data.  Back in the 1970's we programmed these proms by inputting data as hexadecimal numbers.  

Click Here! to see annotated microprocessor demonstration.

Click Here* to see the microprocessor schematic.

Click Here* to see microprocessor specification and instruction set.

Click Here! to see annotated microprocessor demonstration.

* Open in new tab or window or print out a copy.


Microprocessor Interfacing Demonstration 

Click Here! to see program that reads switches and sets LED's to reflect switch status.  Note, how few bytes are required to perform process.  Inputting machine code directly generates the most efficient code possible.  Assembly Language makes programming much easier and enables Word Processing type editing of Source Code, but still compiles the same efficient machine code. 

Click Here* to see  microprocessor Interface schematic.

Click Here* to see  microprocessor Interface specifications. 

* Open in new tab or window or print out a copy.








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