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Ohm's and Kirchhoff's Laws

17 Circuit Animations

16 JavaScript  Faulty Circuit Simulations to Troubleshoot 

If you had no problem troubleshooting 16 Faulty Circuit Simulations above then proceed to DC Circuits.  If you had difficulty with exercises study resources below. 


To get quick overview of my course go Radio Slide Show  and download Audio Version of Electronic Concepts and sit back and listen 40 minute lecture covering the analog portion of my WEB.  Start Read at page 8.

Read Chapter 2 of Electronic Concepts


 Ohm's Law: V = IR     R =V/I    I = V/R, 
R = Resistance of a material is a measure of how easily current flows through it. 

 One ohm  = 1 Volt/1 Ampere in SI units.

Kirchhoff' Junction Rule: The sum of currents that enter a junction equals the sum of the currents that leave the junction.

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Read Site Linker 25 and do problems. 

Read Site Linker 5 and read Chapter 8,9, and 16. 

Read Site Linker 4 Read part A and B.

Select Class Book Gif Circuits and view ohms law examples 1 - 3

Click Here to learn more about resistance (Includes an Applet).


  FREE: Click on Practical Electronic for Inventors  below and then click "Look Inside" and read pages 5-34 for free.


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