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Teachers Jump Start Your Internet Physics and Electronics Curriculum Development: (Index to all 82 of our circuit animations)
This is great for teachers who want to use our animations in their own curriculum.


Online Ebook
A variety of analog and digital simulations. This site contains some frames based troubleshooting exercises that I only use in this eZine.

Stephen Hawking’s Universe


 Read about our new total approach to teaching electronics. 




About Science Ebooks 
We produce modern performance orientated curriculum packaged in eBooks. Students can troubleshoot our simulations or learn how to use JavaScript  to write programs that perform technical calculations.  


 Science-Ebooks Enhances Electronic Instruction via the Internet 

This eZine illustrates many of the ways that eBook author Bill Science* enhances electronics and IT instructions using the Internet. Methods used include Gif Animation, JavaScript Simulation, Video Animations, and teaching technical scripting using free software development system. What is unique about Bill as an animator is that rather than showing things like electrons or atoms moving sites do, Bill animates the instrumentation that a technician or engineers actually see when they troubleshoot. If you would like visit his free sites or link to hundreds of sites that Bill recommends that you visit Site Linker .
*Bill Science is authors Internet Pen Name.

Would you like to troubleshoot this simple RC circuit. Yes, click here.

wpe3.jpg (7052 bytes)

Note the first time this 4 bit binary adder animation exhibits a fault.  If you want to fault isolate this circuit to the integrated circuit (IC) level. Click here

AdderPNL.gif (19569 bytes)



Free JavaScript Teaching aides are rising to new levels of sophistication. 
Until recently most JavaScript scientific programs consisted primarily of buttons and text boxes. Their appearance was similar to online order forms except they made scientific calculations instead of financial ones.
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wpe1.jpg (6468 bytes)
Note: S1 is closed during entire test.

Potvid2.gif (37966 bytes)
Can you determine what component is bad in above circuit.
Above Potentiometer circuit is from our free Oline Ebook.   Go to Online eBook. if you want more details.

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