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Internet Technology Prep School
(Or Vocational IT Curriculum) 

Electronics is the foundation of computer, Internet and Information technology.  However, troubleshooting circuits with an oscilloscope and meter and replacing a component such as a resistor or transistor is a shrinking field.  Viewing computer screens with configuration, status, and operational data is a growing field, and repairing system by replacing modules is frequently all that is required to repair the computer systems of today.  At present I have a few training topics or modules that prepare student for this new age of computer systems :

Computer Technology


Teaches how to create JavaScript for use on one own PC.  Student is taught to create a HTML page using a simple text editor and to insert a simple JavaScript program on HTML page.  JavaScript supports all the math functions a High School student is likely to need.  This enables PC users in the world to create their own applications even with operating dating back to Windows 95!

Basic Computer Simulation

Here, I teach students to program a virtual microprocessor with a eight bit instruction set..  These microprocessors are not only still in use in older equipment, they are impeded in complex computer systems as dedicated subsystem controllers.    

Computer Interfacing

Use virtual system described above to input the status of switches and then output an eight bit (byte) that drive LED's.



Newton's Laws

Student can invent simple Games using deep space flight simulator.

Student can create a software applications to optimize travel to a point in space.

Acceleration and Gravity

Student can create a software applications to optimize landing of  a virtual spaceship.

Starship Heat Engine with black body cooling

Student can create a software applications to optimize power output of a heat engine in space

.Fun Physics Simulations  



IT Application Level Training

Today's office IT specialist will not only be required to maintain the office Ethernet, but will also be required to support users of company software.  Today, most first level managers, engineers, administrative assistants are required to be capable of using  office applications listed below.  High school students can become accomplished in the use office applications by using them to write reports for History, English or Science or almost any school program.  


Your present computer may have excellent tutorials on basic computer architecture and the computer operating system.  If you "upgrade" to tablet or newer computer (PC or Laptop) you should study these impeded (offline tutorials) before discarding them.  Laptops are easy to store and use offline. Schools should keep and setup some older PC's as workstations to retain tutorials and software that may be expensive to replace.


Microsoft Word comes with tutorials (HELP files) that provide excellent training of this basic office and industrial skill.  Today almost all professional and administrative personal require this skill. 


Microsoft is an excellent Information technology tool.  The tutorials provide could easily provide the core of Virtual Learning System (VLS) in information technology.


A knowledge of Databases is useful in both User and Server side Web programming.  


Right Click Here! To open Link in new tab Free GCF tutorial that covers all of the above topics.


Training in the above subjects will qualify High School graduates for entry level jobs as administrative assistants.  Simply add Ethernet or other Local Area Network (LAN) training to above and you have the foundation for an IT curriculum.  Click on the advertisement for the book below and then click " Look Inside and learn about LAN's, MAN's and WAN's.

Why should schools keep their PC's or Laptops?
Many schools are "upgrading" to Tablets:  Their older PC's may have hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth software on them.  These older PC's could kept as work stations for teaching subjects not supported by tablets including my Windows simulations

FREE: : Now (7/19/2013) I have five physics free simulations in my single file compiled Windows format available for download: Learn More! 


Look Inside and read about topics Below!

PANs (Personal Area Networks) such as Bluetooth.
LAN (Local Area Network) such as WiFi or Ethernet
WAN (Wide Area Network such as Cable companies 
WWW (World Wide Web) and much more!









Select a class below to study a topic in depth.  If you only have a few minutes to spend on my site, I recommend that you study chapter 8, 14 and 15 of Basic Electronics.


Calculus, who needs it?  
I estimate that 99% of the industrial workforce does need calculus, but will need some of the technology taught in my vocational webs.  Some teachers claim calculus teaches students to think even if it has no vocational value.  A simple geometry course is all that is needed to teach students to think and has vocational value.  My Webs provide teachers or students with ready to use resources that deserve to be part of a technical curriculum.


Artificial barriers that prevent students from reaching advanced technical jops should be removed from the High school and vocational tech school curriculums.  I do not expect every Dean of Students or teacher with a PHD to place much value on what I say.  However, the military in most countries can train High school graduates to operate, maintain, and repair some of the most complex equipment in the world in less than a year.  Course descriptions are available at most recruitment offices.  





New! ( Fall 2007) Get Bill's Free book Force Fields.  A E&M physics primer for electronics students. Download Zipped PDF file: Click Here! 




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