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181  The Parts of the Water Cycle
Fermi Lab (k12)
Electricity tutorial
ION sources
multi-vibrator troubleshooting Gif Sim
series circuit troubleshooting Java Sim
Power Supply troubleshooting Gif Sim

190  Art and Color (k6)
Five pointed Star in one snip(K6)   
Art History(K6)

Droplet Game (K6)
A+ Math(k6)
Arts Workshop(k6)
For Kids Only(NASA)
Dr. Bobs Home Page(K6)

Cool Science for Kids


The Internet provides you with all the graphics and text about electronics that one can imagine.  My site and e-books are special, because they provide not only free books, but the books include FREE virtual circuits to observe and troubleshoot.  You get virtual circuits with out the expense of Brick and Mortar bread boards.  Industry does not need technicians that have simply read about electronics circuits, that is why electronics schools have laboratories in addition to classrooms.  I provide laboratory manuals combined with virtual circuits for students to troubleshoot. That makes this site and its free downloads different, if not uniquePlease bookmark my site  and download both free e-books.  If  you are a teacher who likes my free e-books, than you should consider buying Kits 3,5,7 and 8  "almost freeware" priced for teachers and schools.  Buy one copy from us and make as many copies (put on school internet or intranet) as needed for class or school. 
For an organized library of links to other sites go to  the Science Ebook Library .


New! ( Fall 2007) Get Bill's Free book Force Fields.  A E&M physics primer for electronics students. Download Zipped PDF file: Click Here! 




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