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MY eBooks

Basic Electronics (Now has simulated online computer with online computer programming.)
This eBook will cover the same subjects that are generally covered  in a paper basic electronics book . This Ebook will be composed of  HTML pages from my site integrated with links to other sites. I also provide a Help file via a free download in Zip. The help file will support videos and provide extra troubleshooting simulations for the user.  


Electronic Troubleshooting(Now has simulated online computer troubleshooting

This eBook is composed primarily of my troubleshooting simulations.  I will use CAD software to generate GIF circuit animations for teaching circuits and then use JavaScript to generate troubleshooting problems. 

Select Physics Topics  

This eBook could be considered a guide to physics on the internet. For each Topic, I attempt to link to a Java simulation and combine that with a link to great University online lecture (text).  I add some neat graphics and a little of my text to complete it. Teachers can use book or simply use the Reference page of this Ebook as a directory to hundreds of JAVA Physics Applets and Physics sites.   This book's greatest value is  that it can save physics instructors many hours of time searching internet. 


JavaScript is an interactive tutorial that will have students programming mathematical problems in minutes using only Windows Notepad and Windows Internet Explorer. I provide student with a HTML template with buttons  and a textbox to display result of calculation. Student learns to program using math operators from the get go and learn about Web Graphical User Interface. Prerequisits: Algebra and Ohms law.

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