Force and Acceleration
(a Newton's Law physics educational game)

Acceleration: This simulation allows you to move about  a flat ( 2 dimensional, gravity free) space in a ion propelled imaginary space ship.  Type in the ship orientation ( force direction) and thrust duration (time, s = .5*a *t^2), and then click ENTER ... button.  This enters desired course and duration into space ship ion propulsion engine control computer. The computer uses the accelerometer sensor inputs to regulate thrust so as to maintain desired acceleration.  Engine burn does not begin and Time does not change until an Engine Control Button is clicked. The STOP ENGINE button advances time by an amount specified (Thrust Duration as entered) at zero acceleration.  

Start by moving along a single axis at slow speed and note how far you travel in an hour.  Though .1 meters per second per second is less than 1/100 of a earth "g" it is still far greater than what ion propulsion engine spacecraft can achieve today, but even 1 meter per second squared may be obtained in the future.  Trip starts at X, Y coordinate 0,0.   

Space Ship Engineering Control Panel

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  Enter Ship Orientation(0 - 360 degrees)    Enter Thrust Duration (Integer 1- 1200 minutes)

Speed (km/sec)      Course (degrees)

X (in km) = , Y (in km) 

 Time (in kilo-seconds)  

Engine Control Buttons Below:

                                Reenter course and burn duration after Reset

Note: Ship Orientation and Course are independent of each other.

Exercise: Travel to X = 1000km + or - 1.0km  and Y = 1000km + or - 1.0 km and stop there ( slowing to a velocity less than 10 meters per second constitutes a stop.)

Takeoff and Land in a Gravitational Field

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