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    Teacher Programmable Version of Target Intercept


Cartesian and Polar Coordinates and Newton's Law Exercise

Download Teacher programmable Target Intercept  zipped file now!


1. Moving File to your Desktop and file extraction (optional).

2. Double Click File Icon to start Program.

3. Travel a short distance and note Azimuth* of Target.

4. Travel towards target until your Radar indicates range to target.  Then follow moving target as closely as you can without passing it. 

5. You will have to reverse thrusters to come to near stop in vicinity of target. For example, if Course indicates 45 degrees, setting  Ship Orientation to 225 degrees will result in thrust reversal when Full Speed or Slow are clicked.  When Course and Azimuth are equal the virtual spaceship is traveling directly towards target. 

6. Click Reset.  Allow teacher or other student enter initial target coordinates and initial X and Y component of velocity.