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Teacher's Guide
Free Simulations requiring some knowledge of Trigonometry, Cartesian and Polar coordinates, Vectors , Physics, and Radar have been released as of March 2013. 

Starting in 2013, I will focus on providing animations and simulations for teachers to use in their k12 curriculums and as part of your Virtual Learning Systems.  Both the PDF files and Windows Applications files are single files that open with a click.  My Windows applications require no installation and use no DLL's except those that are built into windows.  I have tested  my Windows programs on Windows XP( Year 2000), Vista, and Windows 8.  I have test my PDF files on my IPAD.  I assume if they work on a IPAD that they will work on Apple PC's and Laptops.   


Topics 1 and 2 are crude programs for navigation in a two dimensional (X,Y) Cartesian coordinate system.  Teachers can devise many problems for their students in game format that involve physics and mathematics.  Great speeds can be achieved and huge distances can be traveled in short periods of classroom time with very low thrust engines, because my crude iterations allow many days of acceleration to pass in seconds.  Students, will learn that it not only takes energy and time to travel to a point millions of meters away, but it also takes time  and energy to stop.  The student can navigate space intuitively or make calculations to optimize the navigation.  It is up to the teachers to invent the exercise for their student.

The programs are crude which is a good thing from my point of view.  I know how to format numbers, but its a lot of work for me.  I want to create problems for young students not myself.  So frequently numbers will be displayed with many insignificant digits (Single precision decimals) and sometimes the number zero will be displayed in scientific format with an exponent of E-28 ( ten to the negative 28).  These are computer generated numbers, and students should get used to dealing with them.  Of course a pilot would find meter reading changing from a three digit decimal number to 9 digit decimal numbers unacceptable.  The program is meant to be educational, if you want cool graphics get an X-BOX.  My post February programs are better formatted, but the the intercept exercise is very difficult to perform intuitively.  It therefore provides many challenging opportunities to apply trigonometry and triangulation to exercise. 



 The JavaScript simulation in topics 1,2 and 3 tested well with Windows (Internet Explorer) and also with my IPAD (Safari).

New 2013: Free Download of Windows compiled version of topic 1. Click Here!

New Feb.2013: Free Spaceship with Radar: Game uses Cartesian and Polar Coordinates.* Click Here!

New March2013: Free Spaceship with Radar: Intercept moving target  Click Here!

New March 2013: Free Spaceship with Radar Laser Doppler: Intercept moving target  Click Here! 

New March 2013: Free Teacher Programmable Version of: Spaceship with Radar Laser Doppler: Intercept moving target  Click Here! 

Adds Long Range Laser Doppler information to Target Acquisition System.  Introduces concept of closing or receding velocity.  This also allows math or physics teacher to introduce the concept of prime polar coordinate system.  This moving prime polar coordinate system is nothing more than what a Doppler Radar display would provide.  Note that we have only one target; therefore, the digital display of Target Range, Local Target Azimuth, and Closing Velocity is all that is required to display radar info.         

Project Based Learning: 
Have students write programs that will optimize intercept process.  The problems above are virtual, the programs including an instruction manual will constitute a real project. 

Teachers who have a background in electronics should check out my electronics sites for animations and simulations that could make their science or mathematics curriculum more interesting.  



NOTICE: IN 2015 this site will get a complete makeover.  You will have to go to directly in order to see new directory.