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Potentiometer Circuit VBScript Simulation


The circuit below is to be tested with a virtual Automatic tester that monitors Vs,V1,V2 and Vout as R3 potentiometer is turned via a virtual stepper motor controlled by a computer. Test person inputs (integers) into Start, Stop, Delta, and Unit Serial Number control fields. All inputs must be positive integers except Start. A negative Start value simply rotates Pot shaft CCW until S1 opens.

Three units (SN 011, 022, 033)  have faults that you can analyze. Input into all 4 control fields and then press Start Test . Analyze data in scrolling text box below. If you don't indicate one of above serial numbers you will get results for a unit with no faults (good baseline test).

Copy of Pot1.gif (2101 bytes)See Assembly in Online E-book.

Note: Vs, V1 and V2 markups indicate nodes to be monitored via  Automatic Tester special test leads. Vout is monitored via assembly connector.

Pass Criteria: Minimum CW(0%) Vout = .1 volt,  Midpoint(50%) = .75 volt, and Maximum CW(100%) = 1.40 Tolerance: + or -.5%

Stop (% CW)

  Include leading zero's(3 digits)