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We (Pat & Bill) are a hybrid media producers.  Hybrid simply indicates that our publications consist of downloaded e-books (PDF files) and online interactive Web sites.  We specialize in interactive teaching of electronics and physics.  The best way to comprehend the hybrid e-book concept is to download our free e-book Electronic Concepts .  


Our Free e-book 

The key element of the Virtual Electronics Teaching system is our free e-book: Electronic Concepts. This e-book teaches electronics by explaining the operation of a variety of circuits.  It covers basic networks, transistors, regulated power supplies and much more.  Electronic Concepts is a hybrid e-book.  Our hybrid e-books are meant to be read while viewing an Internet slideshow using our Internet Slide Show Control Matrix.   Electronic Concepts can be downloaded from the Slide Show Control Matrix page in Zipped PDF format. [ Go there! ] Download and print book.  Read book while watching slideshow.   Electronic Concepts can be downloaded from the Slide Show Control Matrix page in zipped PDF format. [ Go there! ] Download and print* book.  Read book while watching slideshow. Book directs you to control online slideshow by clicking a specific number in a matrix of numbers.

Hybrid System 

OBJECT -------------------------------   READER ACTION

Printed e-Book                                    Read

Slide Show Control Matrix                  Click Number( Pointer to Object )

Simulation or Animation                     Interact 






bulletRCL  Networks Troubleshooting, March 1,  2002
bulletBillís Guide to Electronics, Electricity, and Magnetism on the Internet coming Feb. 11, 2002
bullet See My New Power Page: Site Linker:  Click Here!  Site Linker connects you to all six of my eBooks and almost 200 of my reference sites using a single menu. It also provides a 2000 item index
bullet Better than Free Software. April 2003.  Uses PayPal to sell eBooks for less than a Dollar.  URL key makes it possible for a Desktop publisher like myself to sell software/eBooks on Internet with no manual intervention, or bookkeeping.   
bulletBILL'S GUIDE PRO RELEASED JUNE 2003.  A true Multi-use eBook. The main target of this eBook is Technical colleges but I've included a general science for K6 and K9 students just so that any buyer will have a family member or friend to share (e-mail zip file) this eBook with. 
bulletJavaScript Site October 2003
bulletJavaScript Templates available for sale November 2003
bulletScience Ebook Library  released in January 2004
bulletAugust 2004 released first Talking e-Book 
bulletOctober 2006 released hybrid



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