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Talking Books and Lectures
Standalone PDF file without any eternal files required in folder.

My talking Books are either PDF files that are written* to be read using  Read Aloud under View of the Adobe 6.0 menu bar or PDF files with MPEG sound bites. All versions enable students to listen to  my lectures  while viewing graphics on the Internet. The buttons in book activate Web Pages. You must be online for buttons to work of course.  If button seems not to work it probably is because browser window is hidden or minimized.  Maximize it!


Above version requires Adobe Reader 6.0 or higher, version below does not.

Old! Science Odyssey of Antiquity Cyberspace Guide - Talking Book
After Download Open PDF File in folder and follow instructions. 

(MPEG version, 1.6 MB Zip)
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This eBook is a soundtrack for A  Science and Technology Odyssey In Cyberspace-Time Website.  This volume covers  Middle Eastern, Egyptian and Greek history.  

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Mircoprocessor Lecture, Download Now ! (18 KB Zip file) 

This eBook is a soundtrack for Chapter 14 of Basic Electronics. Extreme Interaction is required!


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