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Talking e-Books
Must be online for links in eBook to work.

Warning: We no longer support these eBooks.  They were last tested with much older versions of Windows and Adobe.  The purpose of these e-Books was to have sound read from eBook, while viewing another window.  Recent testing with my newer system seems to stop reading eBook when I switch to a different window.  If you wish to listen to sound bites and then view other windows sequentially you still can. They may work OK on your operating system.  


Narrowband Sound:  Synthesized speech does not require broadband, because it is simply text.

Science-eBook low band pass High Fidelity Concept combines compressed pictures with links to Internet, text soundtrack edited for Adobe Reader, Read Out Loud feature, high resolution picture which may  include MPEG or AVI videos,  all in one compressed zip file.  Compression speeds up transfer, but more important when you have a five or more minute download.  You can study, eat, or just relax.  Not waste time waiting for Web page to download. 


Download Guns a Talking e-Book

Zip File Size is about 0.8 Meg

My Talking eBooks require Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or Higher.  The soundtrack is simply a text file, written and punctuated to sound good when viewed (actually you listen) with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 New Read Out Load synthesized speech feature. Guns consists of two PDF files. Open both files. Then start viewing (listening) to Soundtrack for Guns, minimize this file and just listen. You will be instructed to view the second file Guns which is essentially a picture book. The synthesized soundtrack will update you on what page to view. The result is a slideshow with synthesized sound. Pictures contain links to the Internet for the serious researcher. New PDF/MPEG version of Guns is now (3-11-2005) available. Does not require Adobe Reader 6.0. (2.2 MEG) Click here for this latest version!


Soundtrack for Basic Electronics Chapters 1-5

Zip File Size is only 25 KB

Simply open this book with Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher.  Click the Chapter Heading in Blue Box.  This will open the appropriate Web Page.  Of course you must be online for this to work.


Electronics Animated for the Young Scientist

Great eBook for a middle school science student or anyone starting a study of electricity.
Zip file size 657 KB.


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