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MPEG Versions 
This version consists of one PDF file and several MPEG sound bite files in a folder.  Buttons (Boxes) in PDF files activate sound bites.    


Synthesized Sound Versions.
These eBooks are PDF files that are written* to be read using  Read Aloud under View of the Adobe 6.0 menu bar. This enables students to listen to my lectures in synthesized sound while looking at picture, animation or a simulation.  Adobe supports linking to the Internet or other files.  I link both to the Internet and to files that we provide with the download. We download all files in a single Zip file.

* Writing a Read Aload file is not the same as writing text.  Some punctuation will be read aloud (that sounds funny).  We do not always speak as we write. I do final editing by listening, adding commas to disrupt the monotone of the speech synthesizer as I see fit.  

A few suggestions.

1. Use shortcut shift/control/c to pause Read/Aloud function and to Resume it. The PDF for sound file must be the active window for shortcut to work. You can do this to slow lecture. Some simulations will disrupt speech synthesizer.  Pause synthesizer while viewing these simulations.

2. No response to Hotspot Click Problem.If there is no apparent response to clicking a Hotspot ( boxed text on a PDF document), the desired Window is probably hidden or minimized.  Maximize your browser Window.  

3. You must be online to use our talking eBooks.

4. You may be able to use talking Book while it is still zipped. This may depend on the Zip viewer that you are using.




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