A  Science and Technology Odyssey in Cyberspace-Time 
20000 BC to 1800 AD
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1500 - 1699

1700 - 1800



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(5000 BC)

"Pottery is an ancient craft that developed all over the world. No one knows when or how the first clay pot was made or who made it." from Ancient Invention Museum.

Ancient Invention Museum
Find and Select both " Earth Fired Pottery Fragment and Potter's Wheel. 


Ancient Japanese Pottery

"It is thought that Jomon pottery was made by women, as was the practice in most early societies, especially before the use of the potter's wheel." ~ ART HISTORY, edited by Marilyn Stockstad.


"Current archaeological evidence indicates that stone and bone tools were used by the prehistoric peoples of Alberta for at least the last 10,000 years but clay pottery did not appear on the scene until approximately 1,500 years ago. " from The Provincial Museum of Alberta  Human History.   






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