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Video 1
(No Fault)

This GIF animation of a potentiometer circuit permits students to observe the  generation of a variable voltage Vout on a voltmeter as virtual knob is turned over entire range of potentiometer. All other nodes are monitored also as indicated by movement of black dot. Video 2 is the same circuit with a fault inserted for students to troubleshoot. This simulation is an excellent tool for teaching ohms law and series circuits.


potok.gif (76705 bytes)


Schematic of Potentiometer Panel (Note

Potschem.bmp (106198 bytes)

Remember that dot indicates point voltmeter is connected to.
Rint = less than a 1 ohm.
S1 switch remains closed for duration of video.

If you would like to to download above video animation in AVI. format you will be able to control animation using slider control. Note AVI. format simulation plays under Windows not in browser.

Potentiometer Video.  


Above simulation downloads may be viewed online in a seperate non-browser window or may be viewed off line, may be made part of a lesson folder or part of a greater work such a "Insert" into a Word.doc so long as animation is not altered and "" remains viewable.