Science Ebooks has developed four free interactive online methods of teaching system troubleshooting; namely: Electronics Troubleshooting, Physics system Troubleshooting, Numerical Troubleshooting, and JavaScript Programming.  The four sites constitute a set of performance objectives for a Internet Technology Prep school*.   Select One of the following:  

Basic Electronics
Physics System Troubleshooting
Numerical Troubleshooting
JavaScript Programming

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* Note that I claimed that my site tests a students readiness for college or industrial training in Information, Internet, and Computer Technology.  I provide interactive software that when added to an academic curriculum of algebra, trigonometry, etc, will help upgrade the typical High School to a Information technology Prep School.  The point is I provide interactive simulations and animations that test a students knowledge of math, physics, computers in a fun way.  Note that " student " is meant to include readers of technical books and not persons who are in school.